Name : Alani Adenle Occupation: Jameson brand Ambassador,  creative fashion consultant Age: 31 How do you find living in Nigeria: Eye opening. Are you voting this year: Yes I will be voting. Why: We are the country’s future and for the country’s future, I will vote. This is the only time you have the chance to make your voice count . Who are you voting for: I believe there’s no other candidate right now  that could do a better job than Buhari. We Nigerians are looking for a miracle, we just need to be patient, Rome wasn’t build in a day.
I could proudly say this is one of Nigeria’s President that is strongly against corruption and he believes in making our own stuff. Have you seen the numbers of farms we have now? Why don’t we go back to our old fashioned ways where we really take pride in who we are and what we do as Nigerians. Most Nigerians believe if it’s not foreign, It’s not good enough. If we have ten’s of Buhari’s in major political post in Nigeria today, we will get the change we are looking for. He is working and with time you guys will get to see it. What are you hoping the next president will accomplish to enable Nigeria flourish: This might sound really basic and so simple but I want light. Power 24/7. With light we will get more done in Nigeria, we will be able to produce more. So many companies moved out of Nigeria simply because there’s no power. A man in the dark has no sense of direction. Shut your eyes for a min and you might get the sense of what I’m talking about . First thing first Light, and the rest will fall in place

Photography: Isabella Agbaje